Interrogating Justice is a non-profit, non-partisan think tank. Our team of attorneys, advocates and allies work on some of the biggest legal, social and ethical justice-reform issues today. Our goal is simple: help shed light on the obstacles preventing our justice system from being just.

Who We Are

Interrogating Justice was founded in 2020. The organization was started with one thing in mind: There are fundamental ways that the U.S. justice system is falling short in achieving justice. Yet achieving justice should be its one and only goal.

Interrogating Justice specifically focuses on four longstanding failures by the criminal justice system:

  • the failure to hold governmental actors accountable,
  • the failure to ensure fairness in sentencing,
  • the failure to meaningfully consider reentry, and
  • the failure to provide access to justice for all.

Our team is made up of and provides a platform to attorneys, advocates and allies fighting for justice every day. Together, we help shape national reform campaigns, impact federal and state legislation and court cases and, perhaps most importantly, bring awareness to issues that impact all of us.

Interrogating Justice is proud to call Durham, North Carolina, its home. Whether it’s the gerrymandering on a statewide level or the shocking inequality right here in our backyard, justice reform is personal for everyone at Interrogating Justice.


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What We Do

Interrogating Justice’s goal is simple: shed light the obstacles standing in the way of making our justice system more just. Achieving that goal is anything but simple.

Our research, information-sharing and advocacy puts us in the middle of the growing conversation about justice reform across the country. Everyone from journalists to politicians and beyond may be familiar with broad policy discussions. But Interrogating Justice aims to bring more awareness to the bedrock of those discussions.

On the one hand, these broad policy discussions are obviously important. How we look at the purpose of our justice system as a whole should be constantly under scrutiny. On the other hand, there are fundamental hurdles in the way of our justice system’s pursuit of justice.

Our work helps us shed light on wrongdoing by government actors like prosecutors, judges and law enforcement. It allows us to draw more attention to the growing disparity in sentencing when it comes to race, gender, ethnicity, and more. It helps us shed light. Our hands-on experience also permits us to show how much little we’re achieving with our incarceration system. And it helps us advocate for justice for everyone.